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Image of a woman indulging in self-care, relaxing in a white bathrobe while reading a magazine, and sipping tea, embodying the essence of a peaceful and rejuvenating spa experience

Things To Do For Self-Care During a Pandemic

This pandemic has gone on so long it feels like we can officially say, “We live here now.” In the same way that it’s time to start hanging pictures on the wall after you close on a home, it’s time for us to find ways to thoroughly care for ourselves within the constraints of another not-our-favorite-year. 

Here are some ideas for how to mix up your self-care routine to keep it fresh (and safe) through the pandemic. 

Give Yourself a Massage

Did you know that you can learn self-massage techniques on YouTube? Neither did we before the pandemic, but apparently it’s one of the many things you can learn on YouTube. This can really do the trick when you find yourself stressed or especially craving human touch. 

Treat Yourself to a Doughnut

Or cupcake or whatever sugary treat you’re craving. It’s a pandemic! We’re all going through a lot, so you deserve the occasional doughnut. We recommend Do-Rite Donuts, but any doughnut or treat will do!

Take an Adventure Walk

One of the few “safe” activities is a solo walk outside (or a walk with someone from your bubble). The great thing about Chicago is that our neighborhoods have such different vibes that you don’t have to go far before you feel like you’re somewhere totally new. Walk, bike, or drive to a new neighborhood for a change of scenery. You’ll be surprised by how much it feels like a breath of fresh air. 

We especially recommend a trip to the Prairie Avenue District or even venturing outside the city for a jaunt around the Frank Lloyd Wright Historic District in Oak Park

Do a Sheet Mask

Who doesn’t feel better after doing a face mask? We love ‘em. Give yourself a face mask, light a candle, and put on a soothing Spotify playlist. You’ll instantly feel transported to a spa. If you’re looking for a sheet mask, check out Choc Choc in Lakeview, Chicago’s own K-beauty outpost. They have tons of affordable hydrating sheet masks. Plus, you get to support a local business, something we’re all trying to do more of in the pandemic. 

Light a Candle

It’s simple. It’s cathartic. It’s indulgent. Which makes it kind of the perfect self-care ritual during the pandemic. If you haven’t lit a gorgeous scented candle recently, why not try it? You deserve it. 

Get a Spray Tan

You may not feel comfortable traveling right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t feel like you’re on vacation. A little color makes everyone feel better and more put-together. Even if you’re still wearing your pandemic sweatpants, a spray tan can at least make them feel like they’re sweats for an international flight. Then pop on some Rick Steves on PBS, pour a glass of wine, and imagine that you’re headed to your dream destination.

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