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How To Remove Your Spray Tan

We focus a lot on how to prep for and maintain your spray tan to help you achieve your dream glow. But sometimes when you’re done, you’re done. When you want to get rid of your spray tan ASAP, these tips will make the process a lot quicker, easier, and more enjoyable. Plus, we’re giving you one of the secret tips of the trade. 


Scrub, scrub, scrub. Exfoliating can remove the top layer of your epidermis, and it will help take your spray tan with it. Loofahs, washcloths, or sugar scrubs will always do the trick!

Get in Some Water

Water is the enemy of spray tan longevity, but if you want to remove your spray tan, try jumping into the shower. Or draw yourself a gorgeous bath, spend a day at AIRE Ancient Baths (So relaxing! And one of our favorite places!), or swim in a pool!

Take an Epsom Salt Bath

If you’re going to take a bath, Epsom salts can make it work more effectively to help take away your spray tan. 


If you have areas of your body that you shave, it’s time to grab the razor! Shaving will help to remove the spray tan, as it scrapes off the top layer of your skin. 

Our Pro Secret: Use Dove Soap

We don’t know how the magicians at Dove did it, but their bar soaps and body washes are a dream at removing a spray tan you’re ready to be done with. Grab a bar of Dove soap or a Dove body wash and lather up. You’ll be rinsing your tan away in no time. 

Have a tip that works like a charm? Let us know the next time you’re in for an appointment. We’re always down to swap tricks of the trade.

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