Mallory’s Favorite Things

Meet Your Airbrush Artists

Take-out Favorites in Gold Coast

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the cooks in the back of Dublin’s Bar & Grill?! Their Bita’s Pasta is my religious experience. Feeling like a light treat? Direct your attention to Chicago Health Foods on Maple and get one of their customizable smoothies or juices! They also make ready-to-go fresh sandwiches and wraps that are delicious! I absolutely love this store, too, for its vitamin and healthy treat selection. Two local faves!

Healthy Obsessions

The yogi in me is screaming to share my love for all things yoga. Pre-Covid, I was a daily regular and loved a hot yoga class, too! Lately, I’ve been doing online classes at home and, while I miss the energy and heat of the classroom, it still does the trick! Even when I can’t get a full class in, you will find me on my yoga mat at home doing Sun salutations and never, ever skipping my 5-minute savasana.

Unhealthy Obsessions

Look, if I find out you have cats, it’s game over. That’s all we’ll talk about from that point forward. I have 2 and by the end of our appointment, you’ll know their names, zodiac signs, and favorite sleeping positions.

Also, Bravo. I love Bravo. “Housewives,” “Vanderpump Rules” (RIP), “Summer House,” the list goes on. I have an uncomfortable amount of knowledge and interest in these franchises, but really, I thrive when discussing B-List celebrity drama.

Favorite Pre-Spray Tan Ritual

I love a dark tan. When I started at Glamour Girl Airbrush Tan, people in my life used to say it was like the Mothership calling me home. I never shower right before my tan. Showering right before your tan prevents your skin from being able to fully and evenly absorb the product. I’ll shower the night prior and scrub my body using Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Castile Soap (thanks to Casey for getting me hooked!).

I’m suuuuper dry-skinned in the winter, so I do lotion the night before (with my favorite old-school cocoa butter). Most of the time in the summer months I skip this part as my skin already has enough moisture to keep me hydrated.

On the day of my tan, I don’t wear any makeup, and I always wipe off my deodorant right before getting sprayed (and then put it on right after my spray). I have my loose, post-tan clothes that I’ll put on and work in all day to protect my color and then I just marinate in my tan for at least 24 hours before rinsing it off. Worth the wait!

Favorite Spray Tan Tips

Make peace with the stickiness and please don’t rinse your tan off until the next day! This is of course unless you’re getting our Express Tan, which I also love and therefore you do not have to sleep in that one. Allowing the customized tan to soak fully into your skin (at least 8-12 hours) will give you days of staying power & keep your tan rich and even as long as possible.

Bring loose clothes to change into after your tan. It matters. In the summer, stick to sundresses and loose jean jackets or cardigans to leave in with your tan. In winter, embrace the fact that you’ll feel a little crazy looking and it’s worth it. Loose sweats, baggy sweaters, and no socks are your best bet.

Ask for extra contouring or darkening during your tan if you want to! If I’m going to be in a bikini, I always ask Casey to draw on abs for me. Contouring the back of my arms is a favorite request, too, because who doesn’t want Jennifer Aniston-toned arms (even if they rinse off after a week)?!

My favorite product to put on after my first shower with my tan is our Whish CC Cream Lotion. Hello, J.Lo. skin in a bottle - legit! No matter how light or dark your spray tan is, this lotion beautifully evens out your skin tone while adding a subtle gold glow. It’s seriously my obsession and if you think I won’t be covered in this from head to toe when I give birth this summer, think again.