Meet Your Airbrush Artist: Gaby

Gaby, Airbrush Artist at Glamour Girl Airbrush Tan in Chicago

Healthy Obsessions

I’m new to the Peloton family and love my bike! It’s hard to stay motivated and dedicated to working out but I swear Peloton makes it easier to commit to staying healthy. Tunde is my favorite trainer and I love how she keeps pushing you to be the best version of yourself as she feeds you positivity! 
Want to talk music with me? I’m all ears! Music rules my world and I’m a beat nut! Hip-hop (particularly from the ’90s) is a passion of mine. Soul, funk, R&B, disco, electronica...well let’s just say this list can get very long!

Unhealthy Obsessions

“Is it bad my life is filled with shoes and not children?” -Carrie Bradshaw
I’m Gabriela and I’m a shoe addict! Chances are you’ll see me in a different pair of sneakers every time you come to Glamour Girl Airbrush Tan. Your girl is only 4’11” so you’ll likely see me in an array of heels on my days off. My shoes are my babies! And don’t get me started on clothes and fashion. Shopping is definitely my favorite form of cardio! 
I absolutely love binge-watching “Sex and the City”, “Forensic Files”, & “Friends”. I make a “Friends” reference at least twice a day and made my husband watch all 10 seasons so he’d understand these references.

Favorites in Gold Coast:

The #1 Tuna Salad from Doc B’s is quite simply a perfect meal: healthy and filling with a ginger dressing they make in-house and put on the side. And order the hand-cut sweet potato fries if you’re extra hungry. Now if I can chase this meal with a gluten-free blueberry old-fashioned donut from Stan’s Donuts...*insert chef kiss*!!