Meet Your Airbrush Artist: Ana

Ana, Airbrush Artist at Glamour Girl Airbrush Tan in Chicago

Healthy Obsessions

Chicago is so beautiful - I absolutely love walking around the city and my neighborhood, preferably with my dog, Boo. I will take pictures of every pretty snow-covered park during Winter, will never miss going on at least one dedicated Tulip photo day during Spring and I obsess over the gardens all over the city during Summer. But the Fall colors are my favorite and I collect colorful leaves inside my books, and I have endless pictures of all seasons at this point. I also enjoy making (and eating) fancy salads and exploring new restaurants. 

Unhealthy Obsessions

I obsess a little too much over my dog Boo, and we are both pretty obsessed with naps and napping together. I like all naps - the 20 min power naps, the accidental 3-hour "why is it dark already?" nap, and my favorite - I just ate food and need a nap. I also get too into some podcasts about real estate, life coaching, and health and might want to talk about them too much, too often (healthy and unhealthy I guess). 

Favorites in Gold Coast:

You can not go wrong with a combination of great food, coffee, or (and?) wine while browsing amazing interior design and home decor at The 3 Arts Club Cafe / Restoration Hardware. Make sure you check out the rooftop if the weather is nice!

I also love FIG & OLIVE! It is beautifully decorated, and it's a great spot for a fancy cocktail but their food options do not disappoint. The Prosciutto Crostini is definitely worth trying!