How Are We Managing COVID-19 Precautions?

Your safety is our top priority. We’re following local safety guidelines to ensure you have a safe tanning experience. Expect to see us masked-up when we're in the room tanning you and you are welcome to do the same. Our service rooms and main space are equipped with HEPA H13 Grade Air Filters for extra air filtration.

If you or anyone that you live or work closely with currently have tested positive for or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, please reschedule your appointment. You will never be charged or penalized for last-minute cancellations due to a COVID-19 concern.

Have more questions about how we’re managing COVD-19 safety measures through tanning services? Give us a call.

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What To Expect From Your First Spray Tan

Doing anything for the first time can give you the jitters, especially if you don’t know what to expect. We’re all about making your airbrush tanning experience luxurious and relaxing, because we know that understanding what to expect for your first spray tan is important. We want you to get your glow on with confidence. 

Preparing for Your Tan

Getting ready for your first spray tan can be a multi-day process…kind of like a first date that you’re really excited about.

We’ve covered everything you could possibly want to know in our Spray Tan FAQ page, so head over there to learn what you can do to prep for your appointment and tan like a pro. 

What to Expect at Your Spray Tan Appointment

Like pretty much any appointment, it’s always ideal to arrive a few minutes early. This is especially true for your first tan. That way you’ll have time to fill out a quick form, we can answer any questions you have and get any details sorted out before we jump into your appointment. 

Let’s Talk About Color

Once it’s time to start, your airbrush artist will show you to your spray tan room. Since you’re getting a customized blend, this is the time where your artist may ask questions about how you usually tan in the sun, what kind of color or undertones you love on your skin, etc. This isn’t the SATs. There are no right or wrong answers. We’re just trying to help you get the most natural-looking tan. Once we have a good idea of what to mix up for you, your artist will leave so you can undress in privacy. 

Get Changed

You’ll change out of your street clothes and into your tanning outfit…which is not much of an outfit at all. Men will be asked to wear their underwear. Women can wear paper underwear (provided) or go completely naked. 

Can you wear your bra? Can you wear your own underwear? How about your bathing suit? Heck yeah, you can. You can do whatever you want. This is your tan! Just keep in mind that whatever you wear will create the “tan lines” for your spray tan and those items will also receive a coat of the airbrush solution. It’ll wash right out, but it’s better to know ahead of time so you’re not wondering, “Why are my pink knickers tan?” 

The Main Event

Once you’re ready, your airbrush artist will return, mix your custom color and begin your tan. The whole process is really quick. We’ll lead you through directions on how to hold your body. Some of the poses are a little awkward, but it’s worth it to get that flawless glow. It goes super quick, and then you’re ready to…


When your spray tan is finished, your artist will leave you to dry in front of a fan for a couple minutes. This is an important step to help ensure a streak-free tan. We recommend using this time to think about your grocery list, cool text message responses, or whether you should invest in those new TikTok leggings.

And that’s it! You made it through your first spray tan appointment and have gained a new beauty obsession.

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